A Lot to Look Forward to

In the near future we will be launching many new initiatives, a lot of which will be located on the "Driven Society" page at their inception. Soon www.stevenforte.com will be the one stop shop for all of your media and marketing needs. We are already planning many charity events that will be posted very soon. Currently we are producing jingles, commercials, music videos and documentaries, movie scores, website development, and so much more. Stay tune to see what's next.

In the Streets

I've never considered myself a social activist but I feel like if I don't do something about my community it may never change, or worse, it could digress. Because of this we are teaming up with schools and business in the local area to create awarness concerning issues that continue to plague the local communities of New Jersey. We have been having meetings with city, state, and street officials in order to brainstorm of ways to make the neighborhoods a safe place again.

Recently, (in the development I live in), a young man was gunned down and killed over a dispute, leaving 1 man dead, one man in jail, and a lot of friends and family members hurt. In a situation like this no one wins, everyone loses. In the same town, a young man I went to school with was also shot and killed over something trivial. Another loved one lost! Many tears have been shed and if someone doesn't stand in the gap we may lose an entire generation.

It is part of my mission to curve the moral and social climate of the next generation which will affect future generations toward the positive. We will begin by teaching them the value of life and freedom and will continue by showing them a higher standard of living. This will consist of but is not limited to classes on song: writing, recording, mixing, producing, marketing, and publishing. We will take the same approach concerning the process of video, business, ect., thus instructing on the creative flow of life.

One of the first initiatives we will be part of is called S.O.C.O.(Save Our City Outreach). In S.O.C,O. we will unify with as many Christian churches in the city of Camden as possible by expressing a genuine concern for  the well being of the people living, working, and attending school in the city. We will also join arms with business owners in the city of Camden for financial support in order to assist in the regeneration of  a peaceful environment. By creating a peaceful environment, more business owners will be attracted to the city, this will in turn create jobs. The city of Camden is 9sq. mi. with a population of over 80,000 people; of the 80,000 people 18% of them are unemployeed which is nearly double the number of the national average unemployment rate. That means at least 14,400 people do not have a job in Camden, that's 1600 people per sq. mi., meaning nearly 1 person per. sq. yard. If a six foot tall male stretches out his hands in the city of Camden he will touch two unemployed people, one on either side.

S.O.C.O. uses the timeless biblical model of prayer and evangelism to affect people. We will mix our faith with deeds and allow our actions to speak louder than our words. We will serve God by meeting the immediate needs of the people along with the spiritual needs of the city. S.O.C.O. is devoted to saving the city of Camden.