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Steven Forte , Life Experience
He was just another street hustler growing up . Steve did not cross over to the
mainstream, he took the mainstream and introduced them to his world. He
escaped a dark path taken by so many .
His music describes the hell torn neighborhood that he came out of dealing
with violence, drug deals, and poverty . The fact that he even survived it was
It happens all of the time, life in the streets will lead you to jail or it leads to
death. His survival skills would go on to later embark him on a journey of a
He went from the streets to Rod Parsley’s School of Valor.Where he studied
evangelism. Steven Forte is a brilliant lyricist, he is a smart deal maker that
any major corporation would be very fortunate to have sitting as its CEO.
Steve had a gradual but very profound evolution to this phenotype of force
which he branded into christian rap. Instead of just being one of them, he
created his self focus to be the one. To call him a street smart hip hop artist
would be an understatement. His ambition has a velocity which is
phenomenal , highly extraordinary that knowing others need his message is
what has keeps him going.
His music hinted to his pain from the past but he never talked about it. His
candid that he took a glimpse at what was happening all around him and
considered what would have happened to him if he would have stayed in the
streets. Shy but extremely bright, he had an adaptability , something that
made him hurt, perhaps being isolated for a period of time, receiving negative
comments that he would not excel in life is that which fueled him and led him
to become this calculated person that he is today.

Steven Forte, Redefined
As for a youth coming up in the neighborhood money was tight. There were
few jobs. It was in the those same streets where by Steven would be
inspired and learn the skills which would later make him an entrepreneur.
From hustling in the streets selling candy, sneakers, , handbags , cd’s with
his music as a struggling artist, he vowed he would do what it would take.

Steven Forte , Skills 
He had no formal music training. He had his love for rap and his genius use
of words to get his point out. Steven had a love for all types of musical genres
and musical styles, he was certainly not afraid to break out of the mold and
did just that .
His knowledge of all kinds of music including R&B , Neo Soul, R&R would
be his transition into yet another paradigm. He did not just listen to music but
he also was poised to write it. Not only does his rap have melody, people
understand what he is saying.
Watching the audience reaction while Steven is performing has always been
as compelling as his performance. His style is very free. He moves his
audience with powerful messages.

Steven Forte, The Artist 
Steven is very unique and not easily compared to anyone with a signature
style of his own. He has pure talent that flows from him. In his life he has had
his share of failed relationships,but stepping away his relationship with Godand traveling outside of the country has opened his eyes to a much bigger
world in which he is currently focused. He has gained a much larger scope of
his personal life and his future.

Steven Forte, Achievements 
After returning to Jersey from Valor School of the Spirit , He became an
advocate for youth in the streets of Camden, New Jersey as the Founder of
Saving Our City . (S. O. C.O.)
He has formed a dance group called Life Like ,and is the Founder of i
Church in Egg Harbor, New Jersey . He is. a Pro­ Life advocate and sees his
self as the voice for the unborn.
He took his talent and used it in hand to hand combat against bullying,
domestic abuse, abortion, poverty . It was from that point which people started
to take notice of Steven Forte, and the buzz started there. He has performed
for years at events, festivals and churches. He became an executive to
promote his own business, and later turned around and went back to Jersey
to teach others how to do the same thing.
He teaches others how to operate in faith and create an avenue in which to
be heard. He has worked with a small team of individuals who stand with
him and act as his management team.
He reflects on a time when he had to press cds, make stickers, going around
the city selling his cds with his best friend.
He recollects back on a time when no one was interested in helping him as
an unknown artist to get ahead. He taught his self how to implement
programs , how to make his own videos, and how to host his own website.
to market his self to the public.
His aspiration is knowing that he offers inspiring message of hope, relevant
to what all people today of all backgrounds face. He is a very thoughtful
individual. He not only wants to win at life but he also wants everyone else to
win as well.
His career has received credibility by his actions to step up and get the job
done in New Jersey. He became a role model where he once grew up as a
challenged youth. He has a driven work ethic and has worked very hard at
creating and promoting other peoples dreams as hard as hard as he has
worked on his own.
As he looks back on life and his mentors, how he took what they had to offer,
and applied that practical message of the teaching of wisdom to his own life.
Steven is very determined. He does not allow anything to derail him. He is
willing to put in the time and effort to accomplish the goals before him.